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Find all the testimonials from our Neurolink practitioners or therapists, as well as patient testimonials. 


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In October 2022, I will receive Neurolink treatment. When I arrived, I was “exploded/destroyed”. My emotional state is at its lowest, I can't stop crying! 

I receive my first treatment and the practitioner explains to me that some time earlier, I experienced something that really affected me. 

I am very surprised that he was able to perceive it. In addition, it is surprising to hear a description of how it works and to link it with an impactful event with only the hands placed on the skull and a few points on the body.

The Result?

No more tears that flow constantly, instantly.

The treatment still works for about a month after the session. As life returns to more normal, it is difficult to describe all the benefits of treatment. I still cried at times, but it became manageable. 

I was able to navigate the challenges of a very difficult divorce in an easier and smoother manner while looking for a new job. 

A complete reset of a life at 48 years old knowing only what your name is, that you are the mother of a 10 year old child. 

I had no direction in life, a huge need to find my own identity after years living with a bipolar person, whose last years were indescribable hell...

Three months later, I'm doing well. The failure of my family life remains a big pain in my heart, but it is for  the best after. 

Thank you Neurolink!  Thank you Olivier!


Isabelle P. - février 2023

Avis formation Neurolink

I recommend this Mr. Carpentierie
He was able to get rid of the emotional blockages that block me in my everyday life. Apparently following some trauma when he was a child...
During the session I couldn't believe what was happening.
I don't know if he has a gift or something else but I can tell you that the method he uses is starting to work. I sleep better, I feel better and I have the strong impression that something is blocking me or scaring me deep down. months and gone. I will see him again next year for another session
I sincerely thank you.



Avis formation Neurolink

I made an appointment following the advice of my pharmacist. In addition to the fact that Mr. Carpentieri is a pleasant, understanding and patient person, his approach to osteopathy has worked miracles for my daughter. Gentle, attentive and efficient. It's not classic osteopathy where the practitioner "makes you crack" your whole body, but the effects are deeper and lasting. It was the last resort with medication for my daughter who was suffering and who was said to be in her head. I am delighted and recommend it.



Avis formation Neurolink

I went to consult Mr. Carpentieri for pain in both shoulders which prevented me from sleeping on my side, from getting dressed too... and in one session the pain went away I am relieved I live again I highly recommend this practitioner who is a real magician without manipulation just touches and your pains disappear, many thanks 👍

Audrey Gide

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