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Foire aux questions Neurolink

Frequently Asked Questions


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Foire aux questions Neurolink

What is the Neurolink Process ?

The Neurolink Process is a treatment protocol that enables patients to regain their true balance by deprogramming memories stored by the body and brain, using non-invasive, precise tissue (fascia) access.


  • The Process impacts all aspects of the human being:

  • Mechanical

  • Functional

  • Postural

  • Emotional

  • Energetic


The practitioner works directly with the physiology of the nervous system. By treating the causes upstream, the protocol has a significant impact on the symptomatological consequences, whatever they may be.

No equipment is required.

It is performed with a precise, gentle touch. It's a holistic technique that's performed on clothed, recumbent patients. 


Who is it for and who can be treated ?

Anyone can be treated, at any age (babies, children, teenagers, adults, athletes, pregnant women...).

People with serious pathologies under medical supervision can also benefit from treatment; we do not interfere in any way with medical treatments. The Process is a positive accompaniment to any required practice.

What sets Neurolink apart from other therapies ?

The Process differs from other therapies in the way it acts on the body.

It is not similar to hypnosis, NLP, energetics, fascia therapy or even classical osteopathy.

Its particularity lies in its protocol-based yet personalized approach to the physiology of the nervous system. It is the nervous system that induces bodily and behavioral responses to acquired and innate emotional memories. 

Some of these memories can be permanently deprogrammed, others gradually, and still others attenuated so as to no longer disturb the patient's equilibrium.

The accuracy of the information gathered by the therapist and the highly convincing results achieved make the Neurolink Process a truly holistic therapeutic tool.

What can be treated ?

The Neurolink Process works on emotional memories that lead to imbalances and secondary symptoms. As these memories have different origins, their expression in the body can lead to an infinite number of identified symptoms (pain, fatigue, concentration, transit, joint and muscle problems, etc.).

In this way, we can have a significant impact on all disorders and pathologies.

The Neurolink Process is aimed at anyone with problems of any kind:

Physical (joint pain, neuralgia, loss of joint mobility, trauma...)

Functional (skin, digestive, gynecological, hormonal...)

Emotional (burnout, depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders, relationship problems)

How does a session work ?

A session takes place in the same way as a conventional treatment. It is divided into 3 phases. The first is a phase of exchange and testing, the second consists of initiating the emotional release process, followed by a period of integration, and the third phase involves completing the treatment protocol. Throughout the session, which lasts around 1 hour, the patient remains clothed.

How long do the effects last ?

A session takes around 1 month for the body and brain to integrate. This time allows the nervous system to deprogram the emotion being treated. The effects of treatment are immediate, with some benefits being permanent, others temporary. This depends on the emotional levels being treated.

Depending on the patient's problem, further sessions may be necessary to gradually bring the patient back into balance.

There is no precise rule applicable to all patients. Some people will need just one session, while others will need several.

Sessions should be spaced at least 1 month apart, to allow for the necessary integration time.

Who should attend ?

Neurolink training is aimed exclusively at manual therapists who have already been in practice for at least 2 years. In fact, practice in an office is a guarantee of education of the hand, a habit of feeling the tissues, and the ability to relate to patients.

The therapist's posture is not innate, but is acquired over time.  These fundamentals are essential if you are to learn the Process in the best possible way.


Where does the training take place?

At present, we train in the south of France, near Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, and in Quebec. We plan to extend the training to other regions and countries. 

If you have a network of therapists interested in being trained in a particular location, we can consider offering on-site training.

Can I do the seminars more than once ?

If the trainee wishes to take the course a second time to consolidate his or her learning, it is possible to attend the next session for half the amount paid the first time.

Why is this method innovative ?

Wave topography

The Neurolink Process provides completely objective access to emotional memory centers (limbic system) via tissues.

It does not require patient participation. Unlike other techniques, the body shows us the emotional priority of the nervous system to be treated when the patient is on the table.

Only this priority is treated. Neither the patient nor the therapist has any say in this. In this way, the patient's reality is respected.

The brain switches to slow waves, even slower than with any other technique. This is similar to the waves emitted by the brain during slow-wave, deep-wave and REM sleep, while the patient is awake. 

This is what enables real, definitive deprogramming of the emotional charge, whether traumatic, physical, psychological or infectious. 

Demand, but too few practitioners !

In 11 years of practice, Olivier has received some 20,000 patients. 

The vast majority of them come back several times because the Process does them so much good.

In the 1 year since we created the Neurolink training course, we've been receiving requests from patients who want to receive the Process, but we're short of practitioners!

Very few therapists are trained in the Neurolink Process.

That's why we offer regular training sessions.

Do you offer online courses ?

The online courses are a compulsory prerequisite for acquiring the minimum basics so as not to waste time during the practical courses. These courses cover anatomy and physiology, as well as osteopathic techniques and concepts that will be introduced during the first practical sessions.

What language is used ?

We train in French; we can also translate the course into Spanish and English.

How much does it cost ?

The cost of the complete first-degree training course is €4,400. This price includes access to the prerequisites, 2 weeks of training (spaced ¾ months apart), pre- and post-training support, videos and courses added later. 

The price is converted into the equivalent of the currency of the country from which the practitioner is registering.


Is any special preparation required for the course ?

Before you can attend the first module, you need to harmonize your knowledge so that you speak the same language in training. A study of the prerequisites is also necessary to ensure that you are ready to learn the Process in the best possible conditions.

What does the training package include ?

The Neurolink training package includes :

One or more pre-registration telephone interviews (to check your eligibility).

  • Pre-requisites to be studied online in preparation for the first training seminar.

  • Follow-up, starting with the pre-requisites, which continues throughout the training and once you are certified.

  • The first week of training where you learn the first part of the Process.

  • A 3/4-month period of practical experience in the field, during which you are supported by the team.

  • The second week of training where you learn the rest of the Process and are certified.

  • A certificate at the end of the training to validate your ability to practice the Process.

  • The Neurocom pack to help you communicate and develop your clientele.

  • A monthly zoom follow-up with all Neurolink practitioners.

  • The annual conference to meet, exchange ideas and correct practices.

The follow-up offered by Team Neurolink takes the form of listening to you, answering your questions and, if necessary, providing individualized coaching to help you overcome any limitations in your practice.

We support you in the realization of your practice to optimize, as much as possible, the quality of the Process delivered to your patients/clients.

What happens after training ?

Once certified, Neurolink practitioners have all the tools they need to carry out their first treatments. Nevertheless, it will take a great deal of personal work and constant correction to master the therapeutic tool. So, to avoid the feeling of failure and drift in practice, we remain at your side to reassure, correct and guide you in your practice. 


We'll also answer any questions you may have during sessions with your patients; some cases are complex and require more experience to find the best support solutions. You can submit your questions and share your experiences at a monthly zoom reserved for certified practitioners.


Once a year, we organize a congress to enable therapists to update and correct their practice.


We also offer Neurolink practitioners the opportunity to repeat a training module free of charge, to get back into the swing of things or reinforce what they've learned. We vary the number of places available in each seminar, depending on the venue, to ensure that the teaching environment is always optimal.

What are the terms of payment ?

We are well aware that training represents a significant cost at a time when other priorities come to the fore. That's why we offer several payment options. Our aim is to facilitate your access to training, without putting you under any financial pressure whatsoever.

You can pay for your training in 1, 3 or 6 instalments.

What is your cancellation policy ?

As with any purchase, it is possible to cancel within 14 days of purchase. In certain cases of force majeure, the trainee may not be able to attend the course. In such cases, please refer to the conditions of purchase and contact us at


Training to match the Process

As the Neurolink Process is highly efficient for all types of pain, injury and pathology, learning it is quite demanding.

That's why we take care to select candidates who possess certain skills, such as :


  • Physical practice 

  • A coherent, stable and caring therapeutic posture

  • Commitment to seeing the Process through to the end.

  • The ability to learn, correct and challenge oneself

  • Good self-knowledge

  • Good emotional management

  • The desire to be part of a close-knit community of practitioners

Future practitioners are also patients

During the two training seminars, practitioners receive the protocol for the first time. 

Insofar as the Neurolink Process engenders immediate and often significant transformations, this can be a little unsettling, especially under learning conditions.

To support these internal changes, we offer trainees the opportunity to benefit from personalized coaching sessions with a member of our team who is a specialist in this field. And this throughout the learning process.

Neurolink 3.0 practitioners

The first trainees will be pioneers. 

The Neurolink Process is an avant-garde natural holistic technique. We are in the process of obtaining scientific accreditation for the protocol.

In fact, the neurological activity of the patient (at a certain stage of the Process) measured using an electroencephalogram has never been observed in humans. 

Neurolink is truly part of the alternative medicine of the future.

How can you get in touch with us ?

You can reach us by telephone (+33(0)6 14 76 14 01) or e-mail (, or by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

You can also keep in touch with us regularly by subscribing to our newsletter and on our social networks.

Payment can be made by SEPA bank transfer, cheque or credit card via our website's secure Stripe terminal.

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