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Neurolink trainers

Olivier and Ingrid

Our mutual desire is clear and is the essence of the institute:

To train as many competent practitioners as possible on an international level.

The more patients there are who can benefit from the Neurolink Process, the better we'll be able to fulfill our mission. 


We also want the community of Neurolink practitioners to be close-knit and work in synergy for the well-being of all those who receive the Process.

We are doing everything in our power to achieve this.

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Olivier Carpentieri, Ostéopathe D.O
Logo NK - Olivier Carpentieri, Ostéopathe D.O

Olivier Carpentieri,
Ostéopathe D.O

In perpetual search of an efficient holistic technique

The search for well-being in adolescence

The transformations and shifts I felt within myself led me, in my teens, to seek to understand the way I functioned and felt.

I turned to and explored various spiritual practices to open myself up to other perceptions. This gave me a different vision of life and human problems. 

It also brought me a certain degree of peace, particularly in terms of managing my emotions.

Choosing my path

It was an encounter that guided my choice of study. Being in contact with a practitioner of Chinese medicine inspired me to train as a healer. He recommended osteopathy.  

So I began a five-year course of study. 

Throughout my apprenticeship, I was constantly on the lookout for a more holistic osteopathic practice, going so far as to take the final year courses when I was only in 2nd year.

I also wrote my memoir on "Tissue reactions in the stomach in relation to emotions".

The answer to my research

In order to broaden my field of knowledge and practice towards an ever more holistic approach, I expanded my osteopathic reading and read numerous research papers. I also attended seminars that complemented my osteopathic training.


One of these seminars triggered my interest in developing the somato-emotional approach. 


Today, I’ve been practicing this technique for 14 years on thousands of patients in my practice.

Continuity in research

The highly positive feedback I've received from my patients, and the convincing results I've seen in every one of them, have encouraged me to continue along this path. 

In view of this more than beneficial and lasting feedback, I wanted to share it with the osteopathic world, which lacked medical recognition. So I began research to scientifically analyze the impact of this neuro-somato-emotional process.

After 5 years, I found a doctor who agreed to accompany me down this path, and we carried out electroencephalograms on several patients. These EEGs confirm the link between body and brain in an innovative way, beyond the known and accepted physiological connections.

Transmission: a pleasure and a vocation

I've always enjoyed passing on my knowledge, as well as receiving it. It's one of those things that you give away without losing it, and multiply by giving it away.

So I started training osteopaths in this neuro-somato-emotional process.

I had only just opened the door to transmission when one of my patients contacted me.

Complementarity with a common essence

Ingrid, who had received the process, immediately felt the unprecedented and powerful impact on her body. 

The very next day, she contacted me to ask if I was training practitioners to extend the benefits of this process far beyond my practice.

She offered me her help and expertise in training and training engineering. 

After meeting, we set ourselves a crazy challenge: to train non-osteopathic practitioners in the process.

The birth of the Neurolink Process

Neurolink was born from the combination of our knowledge, our complementary skills and our path in personal development.

It was important for us to set up a comprehensive, high-quality training program that offered real follow-up for practitioners, both upstream and downstream.

After several months of design, pre-requisites, marketing and communication materials, we trained our first graduating class of practitioners.

Ingrid Atamian - Formatrice Neurolink
Ingrid Atamian - Formatrice Neurolink

Ingrid Atamian,
Trainer - Life and business coach

The Neurolink Process came to me in my body

Accompaniment: a vocation

For me, coaching is a vocation. My passion for personal development, which began when I was a teenager, quickly inspired me to pass on my enthusiasm for these transformative tools. 

Since my initial training, I've never stopped training myself to broaden my toolbox and provide personalized, cutting-edge coaching.

I've been a life coach for 10 years, specializing in personal and professional development.

I provide training and coaching to help professionals and individuals free themselves from their obstacles and deploy their full potential.

This enables me to support Neurolink practitioners throughout their training and beyond, in the development of their practice.

Health, a world that has never left me !

After regular contact with the medical world with my mother, who had serious cardiovascular problems, I took over with my daughter, who has epileptic seizures.

The medical environment, and neurology in particular, are very familiar to me.  

So it's no surprise that life has thrown the Neurolink Process in my path.

When I received it, I immediately felt, in my body and brain, just how incredible this process is, both technically and humanly. 

My personal history and my entrepreneurial soul were therefore not able to resist devoting time to the development of the Neurolink Process.

Business and entrepreneurship

I began by running personal development training courses for companies. Then I was commissioned to coach managers and people suffering from burnout. 

I've worked with both small businesses and multinationals.  What counts is not the size or weight of a structure, but the value of its human resources.

That's why I'm committed to passing on the best tools to Neurolink practitioners, on both a personal and professional level. I'm convinced that every practitioner can contribute a great deal to his or her patients and to the Neurolink Institute. 

In all the companies to which I contribute, my success is based on the value and priority I give to people in all their uniqueness.

My mission in the Neurolink adventure.

After receiving the process, I called Olivier to ask if he'd thought of passing on this incredible protocol. 

After a long exchange, we decided to pool our skills and complementarities.

I was trained in the Process, which enabled us to see that a non-osteopathic practitioner could appropriate the training.

In just a few months, we created the Neurolink Method, which includes a well-thought-out global training curriculum, as well as a wide range of deployment options.

For the past 1 year, I've been developing Neurolink's reputation in France and abroad. I'm also present at training seminars, providing support for students. 

In addition, I'm in charge of the back office, maintaining the highest quality of training and presence among practitioners, and promoting Neurolink internationally.

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